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Frost Science Museum, Dinosaurs of China




Elevating the Branding and Graphics for Miami's Science Museum.


The Frost Science Museum (formerly known as the Miami Science Museum) has been educating and engaging South Floridians since its founding in 1949. Each year the museum welcomes over 25,000 visitors and hosts a number of special exhibitions and events that bring fascinating aspects of the scientific world to life for both children and adults. The museum reached out to us to help improve their brand consistency and quality of design across a wide spectrum of media including print advertising, exhibition branding and promotions, museum collateral, special events and fundraising, and the museum's website. The museum had an established logo and color palette, but there was very little design consistency amongst their print and advertising materials, or in the way their branding was implemented. For several years we worked to establish a visual game plan for unifying the museum's branding, exhibition promotions, print advertising, museum brochures and flyers—and all other graphic treatments used to advertise and represent the museum.


Frost Science Museum, Dinosaurs of China branding
Frost Science Museum, Dinosaurs of China advertisement
Frost Science Museum, Dinosaurs of China invitation
Frost Science Museum, Dinosaurs of China invitation
Frost Science Museum, Dinosaurs of China advertising


One of our primary tasks was designing the graphics, marketing and advertisements that were used to promote each exhibition. We worked closely with the museum's advancement team and exhibition designers to create invitations, sponsor and marketing kits, posters, billboards, and print advertisements for each new exhibition. We developed logos for many of the original exhibitions, as well as highly themed graphics and content designed to intrigue and entice viewers. The theme of the museum's annual fundraising gala is always based on a current exhibition, and we designed special gala invitations, promotions, sponsor packages, and event programs based on the graphics of the featured exhibition. To help elevate the museum brand, we worked hard to insure that all graphic content we created for each exhibition was consistent in presentation, layout, style, attitude, color, brand placement, and quality.

Frost Science Museum, Amazon Voyage Vicious Fishes & Other Riches Gala Invitation
Frost Science Museum, Amazon Voyage Vicious Fishes & Other Riches
Frost Science Museum, Amazon Voyage Vicious Fishes & Other Riches Galaxy Gala
Frost Science Museum, Holiday Card



One of our projects with the museum was to redesign their website to reflect the branding and style of other museum collateral that we designed. Working closely with the museum's in-house web developers, we completely redesigned the graphics, structure, navigation and organization of the site. We incorporated the branding color palette and graphic elements into a clean and well organized layout, and streamlined the navigation to improve the user experience. Museum staff built the final site based on templates that we created for each page, and we art directed the site construction progress to insure the final site followed the design intent. In the end, our goal was to create a site that was completely in step with all of the museum's other collateral and promotions. The site played a key role in the evolution of the brand, and in the style of all the components that present and promote the museum's image.

Frost Science Museum, Web Site
Frost Science Museum, Newsletter


Early in our tenure with the museum, we re-imagined the graphic approach to branding and visualizing all exhibition promotions, advertising and museum collateral. We created a bold new look for exhibition promotional graphics, and established a style and visual unity through the use of common color schemes and layouts. We incorporated these same graphic treatments into the print advertising, signage, and the street banners that promoted each exhibit throughout the city. We redesigned museum brochures and on site materials to compliment the layouts, color palette, and style of the museum's branding. The museum's science summer camp program is well known to South Florida families, and one of the largest and well respected of it's kind in the country. When we came on board, the camp's existing promotional graphics were dated and out of sync with Museum branding, and they did not portray all of the fun and excitement experienced by young campers. We re-branded the camp with a fresh new logo and promotional materials whose look aligned with museum branding and collateral, while still maintaining its own unique identity and character. Through the years, as the museum's brand evolved, our designs and approach evolved as well. But the approach and philosophies to branding we established in these early designs, carried through and influenced all of the work that followed.

Frost Science Museum, Exhibition Rack Cards
Frost Science Museum, Exhibition Signage
Frost Science Museum, Exhibition Banners
Frost Science Museum, Exhibition advertising
Frost Science Museum, Summer Camp advertising
Frost Science Museum, Summer Camp branding
Frost Science Museum, Summer Camp branded t-shirt
Frost Science Museum, Summer Camp brochure