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Mama Jennie's Restaurant color logo




New Branding for a Beloved South Florida Restaurant and Pizzeria.


For over 40 years Mama Jennie's has served some of the finest homemade pizza in South Florida, earning a loyal following within the community. When the owner's decided to re-brand the restaurant, they turned to us to design a new identity that would re-position the restaurant and compete with other national brands in the area. With only a single location in Miami Shores, the owners had a long term vision of expanding into more neighborhoods, growing their catering business and expanding the menu. They needed a brand that would better represent their current restaurant and adapt to future plans.


Mama Jennie's Restaurant color logo
Mama Jennie's Restaurant color logo on black
Mama Jennie's Restaurant, neon logo sign
Mama Jennie's Restaurant black and white logo


The new mark needed to be bold and impactful to hold its own in a competitive pizza market dominated by national chains in the area—without losing the character that generations of locals have cherished for decades. In addition, the logo needed to be adaptable to a variety of sub-brands that the owner's planned to develop. Our solution includes a graphic ribbon along the bottom that is customized with different messages, and allows the Mama Jennie's parent brand to support numerous child brands within the same familiar design. We created usage guidelines for the new mark depicting all of the different variations including full color, two color, black and white, and dark backgrounds, as well as color specifications for digital and print reproduction.

Mama Jennie's Restaurant brand identity color guidelines
Mama Jennie's Restaurant brand identity logo variations
Mama Jennie's Restaurant brand identity logo two-color version
Mama Jennie's Restaurant brand identity color logo on black