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Lowe Art Museum Joyce Tenneson exhibition





Designing for Miami's Oldest and Most Comprehensive Art Museum.


Founded in 1950, the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami houses a world-class collection of art comprising nearly 19,000 objects and spanning 5,000 years of global art history and culture.  What's more, it is an institute of learning for University students and a cultural resource for the community at large. In 2009, the Museum's director asked us to create a new graphic direction for their printed materials, publications, and exhibition catalogs—and we have been privileged to work with the Lowe ever since. Presenting a unique identity, both within the University and to the surrounding community, has always been important to the Museum. They wanted the tone and graphic styles of their collateral materials to be cohesive across a multitude of marketing, promotional, educational and informative pieces—while always reflecting their status as a world-class collecting museum. Through the years, and with every new project, we have continued to evolve and refine the Lowe brand.


Lowe Art Museum Arnold and Augusta Newman Lecture Series brochure
Lowe Art Museum Dürer to Rubens exhibition postcard
Lowe Art Museum Joyce Tenneson & Noblest Feature exhibition postcards
Lowe Art Museum magazine
Lowe Art Museum membership brochure
Lowe Art Museum Roz Chast lecture invitation
Lowe Art Museum Exhibition Schedule brochure


Every exhibition is unique, and so are the catalogs that represent them. We have designed catalogs ranging from thirty pages to hundreds of pages, and collectively contain dozens of scholarly essays and depict thousands of images from history's greatest artists. Our goal with the Lowe was to develop some common guidelines for the layout of these catalogs, so that they share similar attributes, yet retain the unique characteristics of each individual exhibition. We established  typical sizes, text treatments, and image handling parameters—and philosophies for when and how to bend them. In all instances, we work closely with the exhibition curator and museum staff to coordinate the catalog imagery, colors, graphics and text treatments with the actual exhibition graphics and color schemes.

Lowe Art Museum China's Last Empire exhibition catalog
Lowe Art Museum Introspection and Awakening exhibition catalog
Lowe Art Museum Pan American Modernism exhibition catalog
Lowe Art Museum Blasted Allegories Artlab @ The Lowe exhibition catalog
Lowe Art Museum Liliane Tomasko exhibition catalog
Lowe Art Museum Kay Pacha Lowe Art Museum
Lowe Art Museum Through the Lens exhibition catalog
Lowe Art Museum The Jaguar's Spots exhibition catalog